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Paraziti bad joke

Any rock is a wall when you're small, Any scratch is a hole, Free fall, life is like pinball.

Take Me Slow [BITZA feat VANESSA]

I love you when you call me a genius, I wanna change your DNA with my penis. You ain't nothing but a fake dog, I'm a true dog, Fuck it, not makin' love, yo, it's all about the lies You can see from the outer space This is not a confession, my real intention Is to keep you on high pressure.

I'm a good man with bad intentions, you're dating So many paraziti bad joke in the slang of my native language.

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My message is not violent, but in a violent way I make myself heard in a violent environment today, You got a low I. It's curious, scandalous, don't be so furious Life is a bad joke, don't take it serious.

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When I feel myself double-crossed, no laws, Nothing can make me swallow my words. I belive your mother told you about me I'm gonna ejaculate in her throat another kid like you I make rhyme after rhyme, on a rap beat, i run wild In hip-hop, i'm lying with 40 alchool paraziti bad joke my head.

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I dont accept influences, you have so many faces, Life it's a bitch just like you, so i live together with 2 whores. I dont want to sleep with you, i just want to fuck you When i fuck i dont sleep, then why should i sleep when i fuck?

I put my hand on you and you suck my dick - that's bad Why dont you take my dick in your mouth if you love me so much?

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You say that money talk, paraziti bad joke gonna smash their front teeth in What you wish from life all your life it's another life I see you desperate, incredible, nowdays The quiet guy doesn't fuck the world anymore, he fucks your mother, it's visible Kids cant swallow you, but you swallow kids I have too few days left to share them with you Indisputably, i calculate with a syringe the injectable drug I look at life through an Mercedes window